Monday, July 4, 2011

Ithaca Truly Is Gorges

Remember how I said that the student-run tours were the deciding factor in making me love Northwestern and plan on applying there? Well, I found Cornell's.
The gorges.

Today was the swimmin trip to Buttermilk Falls National Park. Not only did I enjoy being able to cool off and swim, which is one of my favorite pastimes, but my eyes gorged (haha) themselves upon the feast of beautiful scenery around me. The waterfalls and small running gulleys down through the mountainside glimmered in the sun, inviting wearied hikers to take a darin plunge of the side of the path into a protected pool with water cascading down into it. Don't worry mom, the water was deep and perfectly safe! :)

I can definitely picture myself spending weekends here in college, just relaxing down at the main swimming hole and getting some strokes in, or the more thrilling leaps into emerald enclaves after a trek up steep rocky steps.

Nothing out of the ordinary occurred today in honor of the fourth of July except for some loud noises as I tried to write the first draft of my essay and got to have an extra day in my weekend. However, that means tomorrow will be doubly long in order to make up for it- as well as being the last day before my pre-lim! Off to get some sleep now, happy Independence day everyone.

(My apologies for the layout of the photos, blogspot would not let me manipulate their placement or even cut and paste them) Hopefully their beauty is far from lost upon you either way.

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