About the Freedom and Justice Cornellians

Nick Shebek, Taylor Doty, Genevieve Simmons, and Joe Arciniega undertook the difficult Ivy League Connection selection program, and will now partake in the Freedom and Justice Program this summer at Cornell University. 

There they will learn about the origins of law and the ideas that have formed Western society's definitions of what is truly "just" in a society today. Their course will be led by Cornell's own Professor Isaac Kramnick, who has received multiple honors for his teaching prowess, and will take place between June 25, and July 16. 

This rigorous course will challenge the students in their abilities to think for themselves and to formulate ideas about what constitutes "right" and "wrong".  Students will also learn about various ideas from a variety of sources spread out throughout both history and the world, such as the teachings of Plato, Edmund Burke, Karl Marx and Martin Luther King Jr, to further their understanding of "Freedom and Justice."

Cornellians will also participate in several philosophical, political and intellectual discussions with different officials, such as judges and lawyers, culminating in a twice-a-week writing workshop concerning the pillars of modern principles.

Our "Freedom and Justice'rs" are very much looking forward to the journey that awaits them and cannot wait to find exactly what this incredible course has in store.