Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Study, Study, Study....

Today, honestly, was a pretty good day in class. We were scheduled to have a lecture in the morning, then group discussions, then lunch, then a guest speaker, and then another lecture following immediately after that. As you can imagine, I was not particularly looking forward to that schedule, but I am excited to say that it was not even close to the grueling experience that I thought it would be.

The morning lecture, in my opinion, droned on for a bit too long, but my discussion group afterwards was fairly interesting and our guest speaker was by far the best one we've had yet. He was a lawyer who specializes in cases with high school students and he shared some stories and information with us that we could truly relate to. He was an engaging speaker with a commanding voice and he taught us about our inalienable rights as citizens.

The afternoon lecture went a lot better for me, because I had become completely focused after hearing from that last speaker. Professor Kramnick spoke about John Locke and his Liberal views on government, which I found extremely interesting because his views and beliefs were the building blocks for American democracy.

Also, in our discussion groups we were given an example of what our preliminary exam would look like tomorrow... It is an hour long test with a total of six questions. The first is an essay question (recommended 40 minutes) and then there are five short response questions (recommended 20 minutes). The essay question will most likely test how well we can relate the ideas of different authors and the short responses are to see how well we understand the concepts of each author.

I will be spending the rest of the day studying for that and so I wish you all adieu. Good night! I'll tell you all how it went tomorrow...

...And just as a little side-note for my more frequent readers, I did wake up on time today. Thanks for wishing me luck!

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  1. Joe,

    Your pops here. It sounds like you're very on top of the class. Good job! (BTW, your mom commented on our behalf last time. She mentioned that we had a nice time playing bocce yesterday. What she didn't mention was that the husbands beat the wives. We got a homemade dinner coming our way. Nice! Eating well in EC! Love ya, tu Pops.