Monday, July 4, 2011

My Day "Off"

First of all, HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!! I had the day "off" of class today, which I was really looking forward to, but I actually ended up doing more work than I do on a normal class day. We were assigned a paper over the weekend on Plato and his views on Athenian democracy, and I honestly had to do almost the whole thing today.

I began my writing at about 12:30PM, since I woke up and finished breakfast at around 12:15PM, and I finished my writing at about 9:45PM with a quick dinner break somewhere in between. Now, as terrible as that may sound, I have to say that I feel pretty confident about my paper. I felt like I really got in depth about Plato's beliefs and how they related to society, and I looked up a few fancy words on to make it sound nice, haha.

I always enjoy walking into class the day an assignment is due, knowing that my paper is going to be ok. I don't know if it's going to "wow" my TA, since he seems like a pretty tough guy to impress, but I definitely think that it's good enough to stand out in his pile of papers. Hopefully I'll get a good review, but if I don't, it's only the first draft... I guess it's just the sense of accomplishment that I choose to work so hard for. Even if most of that work occurs on the last possible day.

After my paper was finished though, I actually got to enjoy my 4th of July! My roommate and a few of our friends were out at the hill watching the fireworks and I scurried my way over there to try and catch a few sparks. After that I came back to the Dorm Lobby and joked with my friends until it was time to come upstairs and get my blog done.

Tomorrow will be our first day back in class and I am not necessarily looking forward to it. Professor Kramnick said that he would have to make up for lost time and give us two lectures in one day, in addition to the whole rest of the class, which includes discussion groups, writing workshops, and a guest speaker, who apparently is a lawyer that represents high school students. Usually I would enjoy all of these things, but in excess it could be a little much. More on that tomorrow though. Good night readers! Wish me luck getting up on time after my three-day-break! Happy 4th once again!

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  1. Hi Joe!!

    Well done on completing a paper that you're proud of! We're so glad to read that you got to celebrate the 4th for a short bit anyway with some friends viewing fireworks. We did the BBQ and bocce thing in the park with the other families...very fun. We missed your precious self very much on this special day when our hearts are swelling with pride and thankfulness for our country and our boys. God bless America and God bless your next two amazing weeks in Cornell!! :)
    Much love,
    Mom and Dad