Monday, July 4, 2011

I Just Don't Care

You're standing there with over eighty faces staring right between your eyes. The professors are sitting right in the back scratching away on their papers and you're wondering what it is they're exactly writing. You think about every word you say one-by-one and pray that any slip up you make will go unnoticed.

And sometimes you just don't care.

You can be so committed to what you are doing that nothing but the job matters.

Today was a day of back-to-back presentations for each hotel group, and we went somewhere within the first-half. Even though I had doubts as to how much we were committed to doing a flawless presentation, I think we all proved that we were fully focused on the task at hand.

While today's post may seem short, it only emphasizes how speechlessly and indescribably proud I am of myself and of my group. While grades are important throughout academics, today was truly one of those days in which you need to let go of a tangible score or rubric and just let your heart do the talking. Many people can easily get freaked out over a C or even a B, but when you know that you did the best you could have possibly done, then you shouldn't be ashamed of the grade you get.

In fact, you should be proud of it.

The room during the one hour lunch break.

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