About the Hotel Operations Management Cornellians

Four students went through a careful application process to determine who would best represent Hercules High School in the program: Jobel Vecino, Kevin Buensuceso, Terilyn Chen, and Kelly Xi.

Not only will they be attending Cornell as Summer College and Ivy League Connection students, but as student ambassadors and character builders. They will be meeting various people at several colleges including Northwestern University and the University of Chicago to get a foothold and experience in the incredibly competitive application process. 

At Cornell's Summer College, these four scholars will undertake the rigorous Hotel Operations Management program under professors Reneta and Mark McCarthy.  They will learn about the impetus and the operational principles behind  a 3.5-trillion-dollar industry, one of the most gargantuan in the entire world.

The Hotel Operations Management program will not only focus on in-depth information on the business, but teach students skills that is applicable to any subject matter.  Examples include oral presentation practice and using Microsoft Word, one of the foremost word processing programs in the world.

The four students are very excited and grateful to be given such an opportunity and to experience something this magnificent first-hand will only be the first chapter for them.