Sunday, July 3, 2011

Let's Dance The Night Away

A belated birthday picture of myself with the wonderful cake.

Another wonderful relaxing weekend day! The only accomplishments I can speak of would have to be making some wonderfully cute purchases at the local Urban Outfitters in the Commons, but that just might be subjective. Other than that, my day consisted of relaxing indoors trying to escape the hot Ithaca weather and attending the Blacklight dance! That event was fun actually for the most part, I have to give props to the Summer College coordinators for organizing such an event to allow all of the kids attending to bond even further.

A picture of the beautiful sunsets we get to see every night.

I love the clouds here on the East Coast! The humidity however is one thing that leaves me homesick for California. Missing friends and family is a big challenge as well. A phone call once in a while does not make up for in the slightest seeing them in person or getting to spend more than a few minutes talking with them. Guess it's just one more experience to get under my belt while I'm here.
Tomorrow, off to Buttermilk State Park to do some swimming and cooling off hopefully for the fourth of July!

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