Thursday, July 14, 2011

This Might Hurt

Yesterday’s title turned out to be pretty accurate, although I’m really starting to wish it wasn’t. While I played off today as the “last day of stress” in my last blog, I didn’t really comprehend just how much stress you are under the day before a final that will completely make or break your grade in a class that has been the sole purpose of your existence for three weeks straight. I have made attempts to relax, most notably a three hour nap immediately after class, which will definitely help me be as alert as possible for tomorrow’s two hour test. One of the most calming things that have happened to me was an e-mail from my mom I received yesterday. Although at first glance it seemed like an e-mail threatening to disown me if I struggled on the final (which I don’t think I will but there was a lot of material to cover so I can never be sure) I’ve been told it was supposed to be a reassuring message, and it has really given me confidence heading into tomorrow’s final, since I know I have the full support of my family, and on an even larger scale, the ILC as a whole. Once again, I’m grateful for this opportunity, and I hope I can represent my school district tomorrow as well as I have been trying to this entire trip.

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  1. Confident that you will demonstrate the perseverence of Bertie, and the eloquence of Lionel.