Thursday, July 14, 2011

T Minus 2 (Days) and Counting (again)

It is truly odd to think I have been for so long. Yes it has felt like a long time, but these three weeks at Cornell have just flown by. I honestly still remember rushing off to the orientation presentation and how nervous I was on the first day, and now here I am cramming for the final exam, which marks the end. Not to go all emotion on you readers but I am going to miss this place and the people who have become my family.

Today was the last lecture. I have no officially sat through 19 lectures during this course (not all of them are by Professor Kramnick). Gosh it really is impressive that these three weeks are over. I just don’t feel like I have really been in school for three weeks. Wow. Anyway, today the lecture was on the last ‘group’ that experienced inequality.

This week has been about inequality and we began with feminists who wanted, obviously, women’s’ rights. Next we moved on to Burke who is a firm supporter of inequality, claiming that it is necessary for the structure of a good and strong community. Then we learn about Marx and his focus on economic inequalities. And lastly we talked about racial inequalities with Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. But I think the most interesting part of today was seeing how even the ideas Plato and Christ thought way back when were/are still present in the 20th and 21st century. It is amazing that even the issues of the past may have changed a little they are still rooted in the same issues and thus can be dealt with in similar manners. We learn from the past.

Well I need to get back to studying. Wish me luck.

Until tomorrow, Over and Out blog readers.

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  1. Here's hoping the positive vibes all of us on the homefront were sending helped you on your final. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at the airport (Picante's, here we come!!!)