Thursday, July 14, 2011

Endings Part I

The cheerful mood of this picture of my breakfast may lead you to believe that I am feeling the exact opposite of what I am actually feeling.

I am freaking out.

I have a 12 page report due tomorrow. I am leaving for the last ever Harry Potter premiere in an hour, which marks the end of my childhood, basically. I am turning 17 in less than two days. Summer College here at Cornell is ending.

This is crazy. I am feeling sad, excited, grateful, anxious. I don't know what I am feeling. This is crazy.

Today we had our very last lecture in class, and it wasn't even a real lecture. Reneta talked for three minutes before showing us a video about behavioral styles. This lecture, like yesterday's, felt like such a throwback to the beginning of this class. On the very first day of class, we took surveys to determine our behavioral styles and today we learned more about the different results: Controller, Persuader, Analyzer and Stabilizer. Again, this was not good for the nostalgic part of me.

Today at lunch, I was surprised with an ice cream cake from my fellow ILC Cornellians in honor of my birthday in two days!

Instead of "Happy Birthday," my cake read "Yadhtrib Yppah," which is "Happy Birthday" spelled backwards. Jobel had chosen to get it written backwards because I always say things backwards. :)

I have to try to get as much editing of my report done as possible in the next 45 minutes before I leave, so I'm going to cut this post short here. Part II will come soon.

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