Thursday, July 14, 2011

Perfectionists Never Reach Perfection

It is hard for me to believe that tomorrow will be our last day in class here at Cornell. Walking into the lecture hall, I knew that today was a no-game all-work day as with only a few words from our professors, we were whisked away into the computer lab with our groups to work on our final report.

I have to admit that our organization was haphazard and it was rather unfortunate for me to miss valuable office hours time yesterday because of my ailing illness. With barely anything done, we all got straight to doing business and work on our report. However, as communication has been spotty today, we only managed to get one major section out of three thoroughly completed. But because I was too paranoid in thinking that we didn't have enough content already, I spent the entire day cleaning, revising, and checking up on the section to make sure that it was as perfect as it could be.

Little did I know, I was wasting valuable time that could have been allocated to focusing on getting the other parts done. Sometimes it is better off to swallow a pill and actually make sure everything is complete instead of going through each nit-picky thing.

At lunch, however, it was nice to unwind to the birthday celebration of Terilyn. It was pretty clever to see that "Happy Birthday" was spelled backwards as a reference to the "backward pronunciation" game I hear Teri play often.

The birthday cake spelled backwards.

But once playtime was over, it was back to work and all I could think of is why did it feel as if we were missing something important in our report. Not that everything that should be included isn't important, but sometimes we can't help ourselves but think that there is always something that needs to improved upon and that it probably should be.

Our group is significantly behind, but with the final curtains closing tomorrow, we should be able to throw our all into this and conclude the program with not a fizzle, but a bang.

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