Sunday, July 3, 2011

Back To Work Already?

Today, I was able to split time between work and play relatively, although I am a bit peeved that I already did have to get back to work (I know I shouldn’t be complaining compared to the Hotellies, but I am starting to regret every minute I can’t spend relaxing (and there seem to be more and more of these lost minutes every day). I had another late breakfast after sleeping in (I’m still in a bit of shock from Cooperstown) and then played a nice few rounds of kangaroo (a basketball game our new friends from Long Island taught us). After around an hour of basketball in New York’s sweltering humidity, we decided it was time for a refreshing drink from Collegetown. We went to CTB (Collegetown Bagels) and had some sub-par smoothies, although in this heat anything cold was refreshing.

After the smoothies, we took a quick little tour of Collegetown, and then wandered around on campus for about a half hour or so. After a quick dinner (people were in a bit of a rush to get to the highlighter dance) my work, unfortunately, began. Although the only dance (at least to my knowledge) at this Summer College program was earlier tonight, I decided to go with my intellect over want (which would make me a perfect fit for a philosopher-king according to Plato) and worked on my upcoming Freedom & Justice essay (coincidentally, on Plato). I spent the next two hours going back and forth between wishing I was at the dance and actually writing, but I was actually able to great deal done, and have successfully mapped out my essay, on Plato’s main critiques on democracy, and have even finished a page and a half of the suggested two and a half page essay. Anyway, I’m pretty exhausted again, so it looks like I’ll have to split time between work (finishing the last page) and play (going to Buttermilk Falls to finally swim off the heat!) tomorrow, and I’ll talk to you then.

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