Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Not-So Easy Sunday Morning

Today has been a challenge of group collaboration and management as several groups within the class, along with mine, are crunching in their time to perfect their PowerPoint presentations for Independence Day.

My group specifically received Best Western as the company we were assigned to research and present. While much of our work was wrapped up on Friday, there were several aspects that needed to be fixed, finished, and cleaned up. From the animations within the slides to the transitions and pictures, we were on a wild goose chase hunting down the perfect execution for tomorrow’s assignment.

My group working at our corner station within the computer lab.

The main reason to actually come to Statler Hall today was to do a run-through in a classroom and get critique by whoever was monitoring it. Everyone signed up for a scheduled time to receive their private audience and help on Friday, and we chose the 6 PM slot. While waiting for our number to come up, we embarrassingly learned that we mixed our group name (7B) with another one (6B). Because company assignments were designated to which number a group was, we were a little concerned that this Day 1 mishap ruined our project. Amusingly enough, the group that believed they were 6B got mixed up as well, and so Mark McCarthy simply assumed that we just swapped names. While this may have ended up as a horrible pitfall, it was a complete sigh of relief to discover that this was just a scramble of identification.

While the TAs in the class do a tremendous job in helping the students, our group was so fortunate to have Mark observe and criticize our dry-run presentation. There is nothing better than getting advice from the person who will eventually be grading this assignment, and while there were many flaws within the presentation, we took his aid to heart and tweaked the final product to seamlessly look sleek and professional.

At the end of the day, we all decided to take a little break by participating in the Highlighter Dance. At the party, everyone is given a complimentary t-shirt and the rule is that you may write on your shirt or someone else’s. Because dance is my absolute passion, it was incredibly satisfying to be able to dance the night away as if nothing was wrong in the world!

But then, the day came to a close as my group got together again within the dorm’s lobby so that we can make final preparations and practice for tomorrow’s upcoming “gauntlet.” While many of us were tired and in desperate need of a shower, we pulled it together and finished what we came to do. Regardless of the grade we will get, I will be content with knowing that we worked hard on this. Like they say, “It’s the journey that matters, not the destination.”

Our group practicing diligently on the floor late at night.

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