Sunday, July 3, 2011

Long and Late

Group presentations have never been my forte, and public speaking, while very enjoyable, has not really been a strong point for me as well.  But of course, one would expect the preparation portion of any presentation to be the easy part.

Talk about being dead wrong.

This specific presentation has strangely been a pain for reasons I do not really comprehend.  Two hours of work has turned into three, four and even five extra hours than what we had planned for.  Who knew that giving an overview about a hotel company was this time-consuming?

Overall, our practice presentation today was moderately successful.  There were the weak points - lack of time being prime among them, transitions being second.  We also happened to have issues with speaking and aligning our slides correctly, but they all seem like little mistakes.

Our TA, Patrick, gave us criticism that was to the point, but did it in a polite way.  He seemed very supportive, and gave us the biggest point that would boost our morale -- we had a lot of content, and then some more.

No project is complete though without the usual squabbles of group work.  I like my group, and we usually get along together really well.  Through, when stressed out and together working for too long, things tend to be a bit heated.  But as Reneta said, conflict is not necessarily a bad thing -- it gives us opportunities to talk it out and become closer.

That is not always the end result however, but there is always time.  Either way, our presentation is tomorrow and things are going to become quite interesting.

On a side note, all of these long, last-minute stretches of work should not be foreign to me.  At least, I have a lot of experience in it.  Yet, things do not seem all that clear-cut and plain black and white.  I guess that only makes things more peculiar.

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