Sunday, July 3, 2011

Is it the Weekend, or Just a Fantasy?

Today I woke to a banging on my door. The banging that heralded Terilyn Chen ruined my plans to sleep until noon, but ushered in an interesting day. She persuaded/dragged me into accompanying her to the National Women's Rights Museum in Seneca Falls. Ms. Neal was kind enough to drive us.

Teri got her chance to see the displays featuring figures such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott as well as other exhibits that really made me question the nature of not only gender discrimination, but prejudice and society in general.

On a random tangent, corsets are disgusting. One of the displays showed how over time, they deform your ribcage, push your abdominal organs down into the lower regions of your thoracic cavity, basically crowding and harming your reproductive organs.

On the ride back, I alternatingly enjoyed the rolling green landscape unfolding around us and napped. By the time we returned to Statler Hall for class, I was ready to work.

There is so much our presentation could improve upon. It's like, whenever we finish one of our group sessions and disperse, I get this sort of separation anxiety. I start worrying over the most ridiculous insecurities and torment myself that our project may not be up to par. This morning I was afraid about our slides, organization, and basically everything, but an afternoon of hard work has calmed those nerves.

I know our content, PowerPoint, animations, and transitions are great, but after seeing so many other groups staying after and conducting multiple practice runs in front of the professors, I am quite distressed about the quality of our actual oral presentation.

I mustn't let on though. I know it's my job and most beneficial to the group to stay calm and help other nervous group members. I'm off to rehearse in the dorm lounge now. I hope we stay strong for the 9 hours left until showtime.

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