Monday, July 11, 2011

It's Not True

It takes a while for things to sink in.  Maybe it takes a very long time to come to terms with things, sometimes it comes as easy as "Hey, look, I'm here."  And sometimes, it takes for things to be right in your face, with the words that "you're leaving" echoing through the chambers of the mind in order to realize things.

Yes, I am leaving.  But I am not believing it.

Delivering the news.
 Tonight, the RCAs had the entire Fifth Floor meet at the floor lounge to inform the three-week students that our time was coming to a close.  Whether or not there were a few more days was pretty much irrelevant at this point -- the requirements for what we had to do before we leave, our checkout schedules, everything, was all laid out right in front of us.

I don't believe I've used the word disheartening yet, so I will use it right now.  It was very much so.  I had been aware we were leaving, but I did not think it would hit me like this.

On a more positive note, we had another guest speaker today.  He was very informative and managed to give us a very complicated lesson in hotel structure.  While it was a bit too much to digest within an hour or so, it was still quite good.  It is always nice to see employees from the nearby Statler Hotel speak about how things really are.

I would also like to post these pictures of my room, with my roommate Harley and friend Reggie.  I had promised my family I would do this and I have been holding off on it, so here it is.


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