Monday, July 11, 2011

And I Thought Three Weeks Was A Long Time

Today we got to hear a “conservative’s” thoughts on government, rather than the liberals’ ideas we had read earlier, such as John Locke’s concept of private property. I say conservative in quotes because Edmund Burke, despite being considered the founder of conservatism, actually was completely different type of conservative, just as Locke is separate from today’s liberals. Since this class has been mostly liberal-based, it was interesting to hear an opposing viewpoint, albeit one I completely disagreed with.

After the lecture, we discussed Professor Kramnick’s lecture as usual. After that, we finally got our mid-terms back, which had been causing a great deal of stress to pretty much the entire class. I am proud to say that I got an A-, which isn’t half bad considering the fact that out of my section of 15, only 2 got a straight A, and only one other person got an A-, with the remainder of the class receiving grades of B+ or lower. We then did a peer review session of each other’s Plato essays, and a friend from Texas gave me some very useful feedback that I will be sure to use for my final draft.

We also started reading Karl Marx today, who is always a fascinating (but long) read. I look forward to Professor Kramnick’s ideas of Marx’s teachings, but need to get a bit of sleep since I have a pretty awful headache right now.

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