Monday, July 11, 2011

The Last Monday

Today the count down begins. There are officially 5 days until I am home and in my own bed. 5 days until I can have a quality burrito. 5 days until I get to see my little brother :).

Monday marks the beginning of a new week, in school terms. So today we started our final week of class and our new topic of equality, although today we talked about inequality.

We started off the week with a lecture on Burke, who is the founder (I almost wrote father of but then my feminist side got control) of Conservatism. Again, as when we talked about Liberalism, Professor Kramnick made sure we understood that the way we use conservatism or conservative is not entirely the same as the meaning it had when Burke ‘invented’ it. For me, it was very difficult to understand what Burke meant or how he could even support the idea of inequality. I guess I would follow Locke over Burke because I believe that the government should grow from the people, not that government was given to us from previous generations and thus we must do what they did. I just cannot believe in a monarchical system and I think that is because I have grown up in a democracy.

After lecture we, like we do every day, went to our discussion groups to talk about Burke and our midterms. In discussion we more or less just wrote down what Professor Kramnick had talked about but a little more in depth, and with Simon (my TA’s) additional opinions. Then it was that heart stopping moment—tests were given back. I as actually very content with my grade on the midterm, although there are a couple things I wish my TA would have graded a little differently but that is okay it just means that next time I have to be more clear. I am very glad we have our midterms to look back on and see what the final might look like.

Academics aside I think I am going to go for a run, even though the weather here is not really my ideal running weather. I am not sure I like 90-degree heat. Oh well it will just make me appreciate the fog ten million times more than I already do.

Until tomorrow, Over and Out blog readers.

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  1. And foggy it is...predicted to be all week. The sun has not peeped out yet, since Sunday! Maybe this will make practices in Pleasanton easier to take??!!
    Miss ya,