Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Haagen Do Or Don't?

A view on campus with beautiful East Coast clouds in the backround.

Today was a relatively overcast day for here in Ithaca, but that did not stop the sweltering heat. I cannot wait to be back in the Bay Area and wearing pants. It helps that we had an ice cream cake (see below) for my friend Carrie's birthday, and I took a picture so you could get an idea of what mine was like- delicious!

After lunch, we had a guest lecture with more of an economic focus. Alan Mittman talked with us about "free enterprise," and whether is really is free, due to restrictions such as government consent and zoning permits. The case he showed us was about infringment of patenting rights persay, when Haagen-Dasz thought another ice cream company was infringing on it's marketing appeal. It was interesting to think about how much packaging affects daily life.

Me posing by some Greek statues

Earlier in the lecture we discussed Karl Marx, today mostly focusing on his historical background and the times of industrialization he lived in. We also learned about his take on private property, and how the effect of labour in factories and such takes away a human's real self, leaving them commodities. They are not even paid enough, and this is where I can understand the basis on which he desired everyone to be economically equal as well as politically.

I'm very nervous for my final. I'm off to study right now acutally, and then participate in some intra-mural soccer. Ta-ta for now!

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