Monday, July 11, 2011

Don't Make Me Leave!

I just got back from a floor meeting. The entire second floor of Mary Donlon Hall met up in our lounge to talk about the "closing procedure" that is supposed to take place on Saturday.

We are supposed to vacuum and pack up all of our things before check-out in the morning. Our rooms must be spotless and we must return sheets to the library downstairs. Fans and mattress pads stay in the room for the new students who will move into our rooms. This must be done before we go to our respective graduation ceremonies. It's not the cleaning that bothers me. I don't mind that at all. It's just the idea of leaving Cornell.

At 9 pm today, while walking back from office hours, I immaturely jumped around and repeated over and over again "Don't make me leave! Don't make me leave!" to my friends Tarina and Rashika. They just laughed at me. It was pretty sad.

On another note, in class today we had a guest speaker, the head of Food and Beverage at the Statler Hotel on campus. He, along with Mark and Reneta, taught us about all of the different job positions in a hotel. Mark made a graphic organizer on the board, that we all tried to copy. It was way too complicated though, and since many positions fall under different categories all at once, (since, really, every department of a hotel is connected to every other department), a lot of us ended up taking a picture of the board to catch what we missed.

This not only gave us an overview of hotel structure and organization, but also stressed a super important concept: everything and everyone is connected, especially in the hospitality industry.

The beautiful Statler Hotel at night

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