Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thoughts of Going Halfway

Late nights are surprisingly strange.  Strange in that it becomes so much easier to socialize with other people and understand what they are speaking about.  Tonight, I discussed several different types of music, social psychology, student behavior and a variant of perspectives on crime.

Mary Donlon Hall is a chasm of words and insane antics all around, and when one is trying to do their report template early, it does not fit very well.  But it is not a big issue -- I still have a few days to finish this.

Altogether, today was a standard day, as far as standard goes around here I guess.   We had a short quiz, which turned out to be deceptively easy.  After that, Mark taught us quite a bit about Word and creating a report template.  So much information in fact, we went extremely fast.  Which means that I really need to ask for advice tomorrow.

On a funny note, I wandered around campus during lunch, until I realized that I had left my binder halfway around campus about twenty minutes before class, so I ran there and back again.  That was, more or less, very idiotic of me.  But strangely, it was beneficial.

It was beneficial because it gave me some time to think about things.  To try to understand what was going on right now, wrap around the fact that my time here was halfway through.  It did not make any sense to me -- it feels like I have been here for months, if not years.  I am not sure why, but it does.

I am not really thinking towards the end of this, or the beginning, or the present at all.  Does that seem so strange?  I am not really sure.  I am not thinking bad, thinking forward, thinking sideways or in diagonals.

To put it simply, I am thinking but there is nothing direct I am thinking about.  Maybe I do not fully understand what is going on around me besides my class and my friends.  But guess what?  To some people, that is usually enough.

Maybe it is.

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