Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Your "Choice" to "Host" Hotels

Today called for a celebration. Not one in which we pop firecrackers or blow confetti, but one in which we feel relaxed and relieved that one of the most grueling assignments (according to the McCarthies) is now taken care of.

While there was a sense of ease in the atmosphere today, the first thing thrown at us was a quiz that was meant to prove just how much we learned from yesterday's presentations. Despite Mark McCarthy's discouragement to study for the quiz, several students around me did. Feeling like I may have made a mistake in thinking I could easily ace this, I went to cramming as much info on the brands, business models, and trivia tid-bits I jotted down in my notebook during the bus ride to class. Little did I know, that last-minute studying may have made the difference between passing and failing. And after going over the answers, I actually feel quite confident with my answers!

The main drill during our lab sessions were how to make a professional report template which would be modeled off of our letter template. The more we get into the Office suite, the more interested I get in truly applying these lessons to my own high school curriculum. While I want to believe that it's only the content that counts, many teachers will get a first impression just from face value alone, and that impression can reflect on how a teacher initially judges an assignment. I'm hoping that some of the useful techniques we are learning can be easily used to help my assignments look pleasant, functional, and professional.

Our lecture focused on the specific aspects that make the hospitality industry unique. We touched on yield management, perishable inventory, and other things like fixed and variable costs. While the first week was an introduction of the people and things involved with the industry, from here-on-out, the focus will be on how and what makes the hotel business tick.

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