Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Amen To Our Amendments

The building to the left contains our lecture hall and discussion classrooms: Goldwin-Smith Hall

Today I spent approximately six hours in this building. Excepting one for lunch and one for a discussion session with my group, there were five hours of lecture today to make up for the lost day we had in our mini vacation yesterday. Thankfully, the one and a half hour guest lecture was the most riveting one yet. Ray Schlather gave a compelling speech about his part in a local Ithaca high school's case where it's newspaper, the "Tattler," went to court over it's rights on publishing certain articles. It was all really interesting because he made us all question our rights in society and how they are only available to us as individuals if we utilize them.

Professor Kramnick lectured on John Locke doubly today, but that's alright because I really feel Locke's visions of how a government should function and his ideas on property reverberate within me. One thing about this course is that I get a great experience non-withstanding, but this particular material really makes me question many ideas I have of the world, as well as society and it's government and the ideals I believe it needs to uphold.

Afterwards I went to play some intramural soccer to blow off all my steam so I could get down to studying without any fidgeting. Now I'm going to head for a quick bite to eat so that I make sure to finish reviewing all my notes for our big pre-lim tomorrow! I know I should feel prepared, but I always get nervous for tests so I am setting aside alot of time to make sure I know my material and get a good night's rest. Wish me luck!

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