Saturday, July 9, 2011

Make New Friends But Keep The Old

Today I spent the day with my friend Carrie. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, Carrie and I went to middle school together and haven’t seen each other since our 8th grade year. Meeting up with her here at Cornell has been a trip. So today we decided to spend some time together just the two of us to catch up. We slept in, or I did, and then decided to skip out on the ‘wonderful’ RPCC (dining hall) breakfast and so we headed off to college town to get CTB (Collegetown Bagels).

Instead of being lazy ‘college students’, Carrie and I decided to talk down to Collegetown. On our walk we made sure to stop and take the tourist-like pictures of the monuments and of the views.

Our plan had originally been to get our nails done as a early birthday present for Carrie who is turning 17 on Tuesday, however the nail shop was booked today and tomorrow, so we scratched that from out plans and took a short little detour back to the dorms. We walked on this small little path over a small bridge that was over the water. Having been told a million times not even to get close to the water, we both stayed as far away from the water as we could, but were very impressed with how relaxing the trail was.

After our walk we both headed to our rooms to write our respective essays. I, luckily, got my first draft of my second draft done before dinner. My TA had told me in our meeting that it would make him happy if I just rewrote my essay completely, not because the thought my essay was awful but because it wasn’t worth trying to reword the whole thing to fit with the themes I was trying to use in the first one. So I spent the majority of my day writing a brand new essay off of the comments that my TA had given me during his office hours. I am very thankful for the advice my TA gave me because I think it will carry over into the essay I will write my senior year. It was a lot easier to just start over because it was a clean slate.

Then Carrie and I met up again to get dinner together. It was really nice to spend the day with her. We talked about college and where we wanted to go. We talked about some of the people we kept in touch with after middle school and about how high school is treating us.

After dinner I skyped with some friends from home and then the ‘crew’ watched a movie to keep our movie watching streak going. Now I am doing laundry in the basement with some of the ‘crew’.

Until tomorrow, Over and Out blog readers.

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