Saturday, July 9, 2011

Buttermilk Falls: Take Two

The group posing in the grass before swimming.

Once was not enough for me to enjoy the glorious gorges of Ithaca (legally). Today, I made the trip to Buttermilk Falls State park a second time, as I had to go swimming in the delicious waters again to beat the heat- and just because it's that beautiful. We spent all afternoon there, tanning and swimming alternatively. I think this really is one of my favorite aspects of Cornell, and Ithaca for that matter!

I will never tire of such beautiful scenery, such as the sunlight reflecting off of the water running downstream under a bride that could have just come out of a fairytale. I hope you readers never tire of the pictures. While they fail to capture the life of the gorges, I have plenty more where it came from.

Here is a plaque acknowledging the death of someone who lost their life trying to save a friend in the gorges. It is very important to be safe and not take risks in a place that can have many surprises and fatal currents that people do not expect. It was nice to have time on my second trip to slow down and enjoy the walk- for I was not as excited and giddy, running up and down the trail- so Teri could point out such little nuances and I could take the time to pay my respects. It is always good to be aware of your surroundings.

After the gorges we went and got a bite to eat at the infamous "Friendly's," enjoying some ice cream sundaes. This evening was quiet; spent writing a second draft of my essay for Freedom and Justice, and watching a movie with my good friend Isabela. Tomorrow we are hoping to go to the farmer's market!

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