Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ithaca is Gorges

Today we ILC'ers payed a little visit to the gorges. Not the illegal ones that we're not supposed to go to, but the ones at the beautiful Buttermilk Falls State Park.

This was absolutely one of the best parts of the trip so far because I have wanted to go swimming since we got to Chicago!!! I was fairly upset when we found out that the Drake Hotel didn't have a pool, and I was extremely upset when the cab driver from the airport told us that the International Hotel had a pool, only to find once we were inside that he had lied to us. The water was amazing at Buttermilk, but the sights were what made it serene.

Overview of the Swimming Area

Main Swimming Hole

The ILC crew preparing for a glorious swim

It took only about 15 minutes to get to Buttermilk from our campus, so we may very well head back some time soon. The river was beautiful, the sun was shining, and the water just felt... well it was indescribable. I've been wanting to swim so badly, haha.

After that we went to a place called "Friendly's" for dinner. I had what was called a "Grilled Cheese Burger" (two grilled cheese sandwiches with a burger in the middle) and can honestly say that it was one of the most enlightening experiences of my life. If I learn nothing else while in Ithaca, I will at least know that someone, somewhere, has a mind capable of creating pure pleasure with only a bun, some cheese, and some meat.

When we got back to Cornell however, I figured that it was about time to get started on the second draft of my Plato essay. I finished a good deal of it today. and will just have to put the finishing touches on it tomorrow before I turn it in. I really hope Simon likes it, because I tried my best to form it around his requests. If he doesn't however, then it's only a draft. I will still have time to make it perfect.

'Til tomorrow readers. Good night!

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  1. Joe! Wow, Buttermilk looks awesome. LOL on your description of the grilled cheese sandwich burger! (I'll have to make you my own version when you get back. But, it will be the California "healthy" version -- I'll add broccolli.) Good job on getting the next draft of your essay ready. Get your rest and have a great week. You're always in my prayers.

    Tu Pops.