Saturday, July 9, 2011

2-3, Cha-Cha-Cha!

If I haven't stressed it enough already, I love to dance. In fact, I actually brought my dance shoes with me to Cornell in case an opportunity to use it arises. After eating breakfast at RPCC, I decided I would stop by the Helen Newman Center and see if their rec center was open today as it was closed for Independence Weekend. Fortunately enough, the place was alive and kicking, and I went straight back to my dorm for a bit of a wardrobe change. Back with my dance shoes and "fitness" attire, I was ready to shake what can only be described as "what my mother gave me."

I was so ecstatic to discover this secluded dance studio.

For much of the day, I was fortunate to have much of the dance studio to myself! While I consider myself a very outgoing person, I have a tendency to hide many of my dance moves from other people, either because I am too embarrassed or unconfident to perform them. The case arose when a couple came in to utilize the dance space as well. Noticing their shoes, I knew they were going to do some ballroom dance, and after asking them what type they were practicing, it was actually the Smooth Waltz. While it seems that their expertise lies in the American style of ballroom, I was still very shy with practicing my Latin dances as I knew my technique is still touchy and I was obviously adding in choreography that is not deemed as "official." However, the more I danced, the more I grew comfortable with it.

Unfortunately, a trio also wanted to use the same space and requested that I move to a different area of the floor. There was one space tucked in the corner of the room, but I could tell the floor was so dirtied and abused by street footing that it was starting to damage my ballroom shoes. Then again, you always have to make compromises with public space and so that was just one example. Although it may not be ideal or fair, a group of three people who are practicing demanding samurai combat would probably need the place more than a simple kid practicing ballroom. Most people claim that I can be a bit of a pushover, and while they may be right, it was rather unreasonable to stand my ground in that situation. On the plus side, it gave me the opportunity to practice some fun hip hop choreography, which I am obviously no expert at.

While my other ILC cohorts explored the outdoors of Ithaca and Buttermilk Falls, I insisted on staying on campus as my asthma has been kicking in for the past week and on account of the fact that I simply don't know how to swim.

Do I regret not experiencing one of my only chances of exploring upstate New York? Yes.
But have I ever regretted dancing as my passion? I never have and certainly never will.

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