Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Bit in Reverse

So, we are going to change up the formula a little today with a preview of what we are planning to do, though that in of itself is not really that clear right now.  Always part of the journey, I would think.

Today should be a nice, fun, relaxing day.  There are plans to head to Buttermilk Falls, but that isn't set in stone yet, and I am not sure I am going due to the fact that I have other plans around campus.  But no matter, any free time around here is always a good thing.

Tonight, I am planning to go to the plantations and see the Ithaca Shaakespeare Company give a free play.  I heard the area is quite lovely, and that the play should be very interesting.  The only problem is that I lost the sheet that said what the play was, so I am going to hope that it is something that is not all too familiar with me.  I like surprises.

On another note, I believe today, my group is meeting up to do a service learning project for the Hotel Operations course.  It is about showing proper etiquette and being courteous and kind and doing something good for ourselves and for those around us.  Sounds a little corny, I know, but it should be very nice to do.

Here's to a great day, and I will update this when it is over.  Till then, au revoir.


Well, Buttermilk Falls apparently did not want me to go.  Or time, or fate, or the transit system.  No matter what, I managed to see a lot of the surrounding area on the bus that was supposed to take me back to my dormitory.  Instead, it went to the outskirts of the area, which was good.

Once my friend Dylan and I returned, we set off on a cross-campus tour, to explore the parts of the campus that we had not yet traveled to.  It turned out to be a great experience, and we managed to see much of the West Campus, which is practically nonexistant to Hotelies due to its proximity away from the school.

Areas such as the War Memorial and the Bethe House showed that this part of Cornell was actually a lot more modern than the other areas of campus, aside from some of the architecture.  If I ever go to Cornell, I would definitely want to live on West Campus instead of North.

This evening, I visited the Cornell Plantations to see a rendition of "As You Like It" put on for free by the Ithaca Shakespeare Company.  The play was excellent and very funny, while keeping true to the material and remaining highly philosophical about the concept of love.  Not to mention the fact that the Plantations have some of the greatest plant life.  Though I had originally been there alone, Terilyn and Ms. Neal arrived to join me at the grove where the play was, and I hope they had a great time as well.

In general, today has been a day of complete misdirection and beautiful sights.  Then I realize that it was the last real Saturday before we leave.  Though I did not go to Buttermilk, it was great nonetheless.

There's still one more day left in this weekend, and I am determined to go to the Farmer's Market.  Hopefully the fun momentum continues.

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