Saturday, July 9, 2011

Buttermilk Round 2

Today was a good off day to gather my thoughts for the 2nd draft of my essay, and just overall relax. Today was my first real academic-free day (working on the essay aside of course) since I got here. We decided to head up to Buttermilk Falls again since it was simply too good for those who couldn’t go earlier to miss out on. We drove up with Ms. Neal at around 1:00, and a few of our friends decided to take a cab. It was just as beautiful as Vivi, Isabella, and I had remembered, and it indeed lived up to the hype we had given it. Joe, Terilyn and Kelly all thought it was amazing, and it was great to just have a day of relaxation at the water, in preparation for what will most likely prove to be a hectic final week starting Monday (and Sunday for the Hotellies, good luck!).

Anyway, after this great “hike” by Buttermilk Falls, we headed off to a Friendly’s, which I had only been to once, and had some fantastic ice cream. I also am about to go to sleep, so I can make the best possible second draft of my Plato essay, details of which I will write about tomorrow.

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