Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Scramble to the Midpoint

Today I woke up feeling more refreshed than I have during this entire trip. When I looked at my phone to see what time it was, I quickly realized why I felt so good. Normally, I wake up at about 7, since my roommate is a hotellie and his class starts at 8:30, despite the fact that I only head down to breakfast with some other F&J students at 8. Today I briefly remember having woke up to the sound of our phone alarms going off, but they turned off so quickly I didn’t even think twice about waking up. When I did wake back up refreshed as ever, I saw that it was already 7:47. I shouted at my roommate to wake up, since it was he who really had to worry the most, and then I sprinted down the hall to the showers, intent on making it down to breakfast by 8. For reasons I can’t explain, I found myself back in the room, showered and fully dressed, by 7:52. I probably shouldn’t be putting this in writing since whenever my parents seem to want me ready for something, I take a long hot shower, forget why I was showering, take even more time in the shower (I have fallen asleep standing before, which still confuses me) and then only remember after my mom is able to loudly remind me, but I was actually able to get fully ready in 5 minutes on the dot. As I was celebrating by taking my time organizing my things for class, the loudest fire alarm I have ever heard went off. Still being in a bit of a daze, I walked nonchalantly out through the screaming alarm, and went outside to find a couple hundred of my peers looking absolutely exhausted. (A friend told me this was just a drill, since she saw a fireman come in and pull the alarm, apparently trying to see just how many people would be caught mid-shower, in which case he couldn’t have timed the drill any better.)

Anyway after that exciting start to the day, it was time for the mid-term, which I felt pretty good about. I know I got 4 and a half out of 5 short answer questions right, but those only count for a third of the test so I’ll know for sure how I did Friday. After the test we had a light lecture on Women in Western Thought and the horrible stereotypes they had to overcome, which prepared us for tomorrow’s lecture on J.S. Mill and Wollstonecraft, which I’ll talk about then.

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