Friday, July 15, 2011

A Last Surge

As the rest of my esteemed colleagues, I have to apologize for a blog post that will be short and hopefully sweet.

My brain is fried from all the studying I have done today- a few hours here in Uris Library, a few there talking to my TA, and the countless others in my room or on the lawn- and not just today. (That was only the last-minute cramming) Hopefully I have done all I could to prepare myself for tomorrow's exam, and will give a lengthy account tomorrow after all is said and done. For now, I am going to attempt to sleep and preserve all the knowledge I have just inhaled.

On a happier note, I did want to quickly mention how today was a lovely day that included an early celebration of Teri's birthday, which Jobel had cleverly ordered a backwards cake for. My study group said their fond farewells, and the weather on campus was not nauseatingly hot. Should be a good sign for tomorrow! All it takes is a last effort and I can imagine that when I put all my energy into my exam tomorrow, I will spend the rest of my day resting and taking in as much of Cornell as I can before Saturday, the fateful day of our departure. Goodnight everyone.

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