Friday, July 15, 2011

Endings Part II

After the chaos of finishing my final report with my group, and after lunch and a bit of exploring with a couple of friends, I headed back to my dorm room to start the dreaded task of packing.

I didn't bring a lot, so packing was relatively easy. The feelings that came with packing, on the other hand, bothered me. Reneta's lectures for the past two days had been painfully reminiscent of her lectures from the beginning of the program, and packing was like that. When I was done packing, my dorm room was nearly restored to its original state. It looked very much like it did when I had just arrived three weeks ago. That depressed me a bit since it was like everything was back to how it was. Then I thought about how much I have changed during the course of the three weeks. Even though I am leaving my room the way I found it, that doesn't mean nothing has changed.

Incidentally, our Head TA Gorka planned a bowling get-together today for the Hotelies at the bowling alley on campus. Some of our friends from other programs also joined us.

Gorka ended up paying for most of us! Since Jobel, Kevin and I will not be able to make it to the graduation ceremony tomorrow, today was our last day seeing Gorka. After bowling, we all took pictures and begged him to meet us at the Talent Show tonight, and he ended up coming! That was a great surprise, and gave us a little bit more time with him.

Meeting our wonderful TAs and Reneta and Mark and the friends I have made here has only made me even more excited about building relationships. A huge part of the Cornell experience was about learning people skills.

I definitely plan on writing letters and keeping in touch with the people I have met here.

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