Friday, July 15, 2011

Ad Finem

Translated, my title means "the end" in Latin, a bit fitting considering starting Freedom and Justice with our roots in antiquity. I just wanted to share with readers about my final before going out- I actually haven't done anything else today but sleep! I got back to the dorms and immediately conked out. I plan on going out to dinner tonight with all my friends but basically this exam governed over this whole day.

Honestly, the two hour exam was a doozy. First of all, we had an hour to write an exam that culminated everything we have learned in the course and to find connections throughout it. I wrote about (there were a variety of choices) how Plato, Wollstonecraft, and Marx compared and contrasted on how their ideal economic, societal, and political orders were to come about in the societies they currently lived in.

Next, I wrote two shorter essays, the first regarding the difference and similarities between Locke's and Marx's conceptions of the link from labor to property. The second was on guest lectures, wanting us to bring contemporary cases we have gotten guests to discuss into the age-old themes of freedom, justice, and equality. I wrote about the case of a local girl who had been discriminated against because of her race and tied that in with Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. Last but not least, I identified quotes and stated their significance, in context and what effect they have on society today.

I am not sure that I did very well on this test as timed tests do not always bring out my best writing when I feel rushed, but it is always good practice, but I did my best and knew all the material I had to- so let's just hope I presented it in a way that my TA agrees. :P Either way, this class has truly been a joy to take and I have learned so much information that will be valuable in the future.

See you for one last time tomorrow readers, I'm off to my bed once again. I think I'm sleeping off all the stress of this final. And it's finally over! Which I find hard to believe in fact, and slightly nostalgic about already.

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