Sunday, July 17, 2011

In With the Old

Yesterday morning was a bittersweet one. Packing up the last remnants I had left with me, I knew that this journey was coming to a close. Seeing people rushing through the elevators and hallways, I sent the people I knew a final farewell.

While much of the day consisted of sitting on a plane, it doesn't mean that it wasn't full of adventure. Touching down in Detroit for our transfer flight was quite interesting! While airports are known to be large and gigantic, this was the first one I have ever seen that provides tram transportation between gates. While most of my cohorts walked through the airport, I fell into temptation, knowing that I would never be able to experience this ride again!

While every plane we have been on has been bare-bones and small, the one that arrived at SFO actually had one of those in-flight personal monitors that always seem to interest and fascinate me.

But the best part of the flight was actually being able to be in San Francisco and the Bay Area I have come to know and love. While it was nice to be away in a place completely foreign to me, I felt great comfort being where "everybody knows your name."

I don't know what the remaining days of summer will bring me at this point, but it certainly will not top the adventure I have experienced for the past three weeks!

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