Sunday, July 17, 2011

Home Sweet Home?

I did not realize just how much I missed my own bed until I slept for an unbroken 11 hours today, getting more than enough REM sleep that is needed according to the crash course on college I attended my first weekend at Cornell. When I woke up this morning, my first thought was fear of my upcoming final. I saw that I woke up at 10, when the final was supposed to begin at Goldwin Smith Hall, and I sprinted out of bed to shower. I ran into the bathroom in a semi-daze, and when I realized I was in a private bathroom, the thought occurred to me that perhaps I wasn’t in Donlon anymore. I thought I deserved some additional shuteye and indulged myself in an hour-long nap.

I do miss everyone back at Summer College, and still have a strange feeling that I’m on vacation right now, staying with these nice people who decided to take me into their home, although I have had to deal with a rather large and drooling dog. One thing I don’t miss about Cornell is the humidity, and was ecstatic when I came home yesterday evening to cool clouds. I realized just how long I had been away when I forgot how to open my front door. It isn’t a very complicated front door, so I was eventually able to figure it out, but it did take a few more tries than one would expect for my own house.

After that long and arduous battle with the front door, we got inside and I gave my family their gifts. I gave my sister and dad presents from Cooperstown, my dad a Yaz shirt and my sister quite possibly the cutest Red Sox-based teddy bear/round ball I have ever seen (shown above). I also realized that I had completely forgotten to get my mom anything, but I was able to smoothly pass it off by handing her the Cornell sweatshirt I picked out “with her in mind”. My mom rewarded this kind gesture with question after question, seeing just how far she could ride my overall joy at being home. Let the clinginess begin!

My sister's photoshoot of said adorable teddy ball

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