Sunday, July 17, 2011

All Good Things Must Come to an End

How strange it feels to finally wake up in my own bed, in the home I haven't seen in three weeks, to the cool California weather. There is no place like it. Then again, that's the way I felt about Cornell too.

Saturday morning I tried to put the teary goodbye hugs and moping of the previous night behind me. As our friends and classmates walked in their finery to Statler Hall one final time for graduation, we caught the flight to Detroit.

The journey back was smooth as I gradually let go of my Summer College withdrawal through sleep, in-flight movies, a Whopper and fries, and awe at the Detroit Airport.

I must say that the Metro is a piece of work. Even going up the escalator, I felt like the place was designed to hit you with its stark spot-clean impeccability and sweeping architecture. A beautiful fountain acts as a centerpiece, a giant tree grows in the airport, plus a tram runs through it. And a bird lives in it! The layover was a beautiful distraction.

Arriving in SFO with no problems, we said our final goodbyes, this time to each other and to Ms. Neal. The 2011 ILC Cornell crew will always have a place in my heart, right next to the rest of Summer College. Thanks to all of them, as well as the ILC, the WCCUSD school board, our chaperone Ms. Neal, the extraordinary Mark & Reneta McCarthy, our awesome TAs including Gorka, the incredibly helpful admissions at Northwestern, U of Chicago, & Cornell, our readers, all the wonderful supporters we’ve met in Chicago & Ithaca, and to those of you back home, for giving me the most unforgettable three weeks of my life.

Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone! Mine will have a hard time living up to unbelievable experience all of you have given me.

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