Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ahhh...The Long-Awaited For Weekend

Honestly, my day's schedule has not included much, but that is not because of lack of things to do or opportunities. The sole reason is that I took advantage of having no set schedule and slept in. Until almost noon! That is one of the great things about being away from home in this environment. Not until college will I ever have sole control of my schedule like these three weeks, learning crucial time management abilities.

So after my leisurely sleeping in, I went and got breakfast- lunch if you are attuned to the rest of the world. My afternoon was very relaxed as well, I attempted to play some soccer with Taylor but it was too hot! This humidity is really killing me. After napping (more sleep!) for a few minutes and watching some of the women's world cup soccer, Cornell Summer College was hosting a fair, full of arts activities, carnival games, and bouncy obstacle courses! It was a wonderful way to spend the rest of the afternoon and I even won tickets to get a prize for my little brother.

Next, we went to dinner, the usual cafeteria all you can eat buffet! As promised, I went to go watch a movie with the gang down in the little theatre after dinner and practicing violin for a few minutes. I had never seen this movie before. People stared at me in shock when I first announced it, and now I fully understand why. Forrest Gump is my new favorite movie! I cried tears of both joy and bittersweet sadness, and loved all 140 minutes of it. Thanks for another little belated birthday present everyone.

Now I'm off to bed after doing a quick outline for my essay for class. Goodnight, but first go rent Forrest Gump from your nearest Blockbuster!

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