Saturday, July 2, 2011

Terilyn the Explorer

I experienced my very first full Saturday at Cornell University, which also means I have been here for one full week! If you think today was work-free, think again. :)

I woke up this morning before seven, before either of my alarms went off. At first I did not believe it was that early, but I guess I must have been so used to waking up early that I, well, woke up early. I ate breakfast while talking about vampire books with three new girls I met today in the Dining Hall. It was quite nerdy and amusing.

Then, I rushed off to finish my Power Point slides before meeting with my group at 10:30 to run through the main points we wanted to cover. At around 1:15, we all decided it was time to go enjoy our Saturday since at that point, we were so exhausted that we weren't being as productive as we had hoped. Jobel and I decided to explore the campus.

We ventured into the Chemistry building, Bailey Hall Auditorium, Uris Library, Sage Chapel and hung out in the Art Quad, where I fell asleep on the grass and missed lunch. Bailey Hall was completely empty and dark and it was very eerie being in there.

I fell in love with Uris Library. The ornate shelves are filled with old, faded books and cozy study nooks. I don't understand how anyone could ever get any studying done in there though. I would be way too distracted just staring at everything.

This part of my day very lazy and relaxed and I now know where the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art is! My art teacher Daphne Schrampf asked me to visit the museum while I am here at Cornell, and I was happy to hear that the museum is open Tuesdays to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. That means I can go spend an hour there after 4 pm lecture on class days.

Anyways, after exploring and eating, I worked on my slides alone for a while before meeting up with my group again at 7 pm. I am nervous to be presenting in front of 80 people, but I think it will turn out fine since this is also how I felt before things like Mock Trial competitions. I am always extremely nervous up until the very moment the event starts. Hopefully, the same will happen with this presentation. It's another challenge, and I am up for it.

On another note, tomorrow Ms. Neal is bringing us to the National Women's Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls. I'm sure it will be a very inspirational and enriching experience.

I am extremely excited. Extremely, extremely, extremely excited.

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  1. Dear Terilyn,

    I'm so glad you found the Uris Library while you were at Cornell. It was the definitely the most enchanting part! Glad to see you're having a really good time over there; keep up the smiles. :-)