Friday, July 1, 2011

An Hour is a Minute

Why is it that days goes by so fast?  I guess when school is very busy, time is simply a relative thing.  Between the deadlines and the group work, things tend to pass by extremely fast, and before you know it, a whole week has passed from the first time I step foot on this campus; nearly two weeks since we set off on our journey.

But the point is, time goes by relatively fast.

The 4th of July weekend is interesting because we Hotelies will not be partaking in too many festivities around the campus, due to a group presentation on the 4th of July  Thus, the rest of the weekend will be a bit booked with project work.  Of course, it is never really a bad thing -- Hotel Management has by far proven to be enthralling, though difficult.

Mark addressing the class.
Today however, was nothing too strenuous in terms of lessons -- a short video detailing the meaning of running an effective group and an exercise based on it was rather simple.  Following that, all of the Hotelies were sent to the computer labs to work on our memos and after, our group presentations.

Group 9B of the Hotel Operations Management course.
This is where the real work begins.  Even though PowerPoints are very simple to create, making it good is another story entirely.  Thus, we spent close to three hours trying to figure out how to properly organize our presentation.  On the bright side, our group has actually been working on it, so we are not too far behind.  One more meeting tomorrow and I think we will be finished with the physical component.  The verbal part, I think, we will have to deal with soon.

Of course, even the most packed of schedules have to have room open for free time.  Today was Genevieve's birthday, and I hope our group managed to make it a good one.  We even had an ice cream cake ready for a group lunch and managed to get the entire hall to sing along to "Happy Birthday."  I like moments like those, they make me smile.

In the evening, a few of us visited the Commons in Ithaca.  It was very nice to get away from the campus for a little bit and enjoy the local sites.  There were several shops in the area that we looked through, including a great used books store and of course, Collegetown Bagels.
With Kevin and fellow Hotelie Dylan in front of a giant caterpillar at the Ithaca Commons.
It is always nice to balance work with a little bit of fun, if only a bit.  I guess it was just nice that there was enough time at the end to relax.

I believe that this first week has been very educational, not to be cliche.  There were routines that were worked out, connections made and smoothed out, and of course, tabs that were used and not used appropriately in Microsoft Word.  It is a bit exciting to know that there is so much more to learn in the coming weeks, as well as so much more to do.

However, at the moment, I am exhausted by the long day, and there is still work to do tomorrow.  So until next time, adieu.

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  1. Jobel,

    One thing we’re getting from reading these blogs is that in future years we’ll have mandatory classes on how to master the Office Suite.

    We talked about this earlier this year but the consensus from our students was that they knew enough and what they didn’t know they’d learn while in Ithaca. While there’s some truth to both of these statements, we’d rather have our students spend their Ithaca time working on the core subject matter rather than trying to figure out how to make the software work for them.

    You might recall that this was brought up about several subjects where I pointed out that you didn’t want to wait until you got there to try to learn how to work your software/camera/laptop.

    I have to believe that you all would have been better off had we provided you with more skills in this arena.

    Next year.

    You’re the second person to mention this birthday celebration yet I’m still not seeing any photos. Don’t any of you care about my feelings?