Saturday, July 2, 2011

Carnival InThe Quad

I am, as my parents will tell you, a morning person and I always have been, but today was different. I slept in until 11:45 this morning, the latest I think I have every slept in before. Feeling like I had already wasted half of my day, I quickly changed my clothes and went for a short run around campus. After that Vivi (Genevieve) and I played a little soccer to keep our ball skills up for when we come back home. By this time I had unfortunately missed breakfast/brunch so had to chow down on a cliff bar (perfectly acceptable breakfast in my opinion).

Once I got back to the room, as was mentioned on my best friends Masao’s blog, I had a skype date with the one and only Masao MacMaster. Our chat ranged from talking about our programs and how the first week went for us respectively. It was a great addition to my morning.

While I talked to Masao I realized how much I was learning here. I hadn't really stopped to think about everything I am absorbing from Professor Kramnick's lectures until I was talking to Masao about them. I realized that the horizon of my knowledge I had pre-Cornell was now expanding rapidly or with every lecture. I told Masao about Plato because to me Plato's ideals are the basis for our society now. Plato suggested that the system of democracy in Athens was a foolish way of governing a people. He thought that instead of letting everyone lead only the philosophers should lead because they were the only ones who could think and were the only ones who could understand that everything has an idea that is more meaningful than its appearance. The philosophers could understand the essence of things were as the workers and military mean could only understand the appearance of things. I couldn't believe how much this reflected our society. Our government tells 'lies' to protect us just like the 'lie' about the metals that Plato uses. It is strange how things can just hit you when you are skyping.

After my wonderful chat with Masao, I went to the carnival put on by the RCA’s in my building and the other hall up on a pretty good carnival with a ton of games. The only one I played was a' try and throw the football through the hole' game and I was not every good. The reason I didn’t play the other games was because I was so tired from my silly little workout.

My day was not every academic, in fact I didn’t do anything school related--that is what tomorrow is for.
Until tomorrow, Over and Out blog readers


  1. Taylor,

    I suppose everyone is entitled to a day off every now and again. Don’t get used to it, though. ☺

  2. TD
    I am not surprised you skipped the Cooperstown field trip. Maybe if the museum was loaded with giants world series memorabilia,huh?! Sounds like you had s great day.
    Love ya