Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gods Need Breaks Too

While I have always tried to get a good amount of sleep every night, being able to snooze in for the first "Lazy Weekend" felt very relaxing. This program never leaves you with a moment to breathe, so this Saturday felt more of a luxury than of a privilege!

For the earlier part of my day, I decided to explore the vicinity of the Summer College dorms as I know there are other hang-out spots around that have yet to be tapped. Bracing the warm sun, I found the Appel Commons and Helen Newman Hall. From what research and exploration I have gathered, Appel is mainly used to contain the lunch cafe the rest of the students who do not visit the Trillium and the mail slots for Balch residents. Other than that, the only things available in the building are a computer lab and fitness center. However, throughout my whole experience, it appeared that the gym is closed on the weekend and I only saw one person who happened to be on a computer. While it may not seem like a lively locale, it is surely a nice place to sit and relax when refuge and tranquility may be needed.

Then there was Helen Newmal Hall, which was just as quiet and secluded, but not as updated in terms of furniture and design. The main floor featured basketball courts and dance studios, but they were unfortunately closed. There was also another fitness center on the top floor that was closed as well. Tucked neatly in the basement though is a quaint bowling alley. It seemed as if no one knew of this place because all the lanes were not yet lit and it seemed as if the employee was sitting at his booth just waiting for someone to come in. While I didn't actually play bowling myself, I certainly dabbled in some billiards throughout the day in Robert Purcell.

The main sponsored event of the day appeared to be the makeshift carnival the staff and resident advisers produced. There were various stands including popcorn, cotton candy, prizes, painting, and beverages (which I frequented). Scattered throughout the quad were activities as well. The one I attempted to try out the most was a "survival of the fittest" game where you are required to sling a foam wrecking ball at your opponents. Other games included an American Gladiators-esque spear fight and a one-on-one obstacle course. It was also quite delightful to try my best at limbo and see exactly how low I could go!

A group of students playing Twister on a large board.

I also managed to fit in some time with some of my cohorts and friends at the end of the day to play some Banagrams. While it easily frustrated me at the worst of times, it was highly exciting and stimulating to play!

A group of us playing Banagrams.

While I have enjoyed my course so far, we have never had the opportunity to do anything but eat, sleep, and learn! It was such an amazing experience to be able to enjoy the day without having to worry about any obligations. It made me feel so free-spirited that it made me realize that even the gods need to take a break sometimes.

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