Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Streak Is Over

Well, it looks like I jinxed my nights of good sleep with yesterday’s blog celebrating back to back nights of good rest. Last night we had about a hundred pages of reading, and heavy duty reading on top of that. Plato’s The Republic, although quite interesting, isn’t exactly a book one can simply plow through and get a good night’s sleep. Luckily I did get enough sleep to function today in class (an incredible 5 hours), but have been incredibly drowsy ever since class got out. It’s only around 3ish current time, and it feels like midnight already, so rest assured I will be taking a nap after blogging, before going right on back to rereading Plato, since that’s what our professor suggested since he is such a complicated subject.

Then we heard yet another brilliant lecture by Professor Kramnick and had an always enjoyable discussion with my section group, details of which I will cover tomorrow when I fully delve into all the teachings of Plato, since we will hear another lecture tomorrow on him. After our lunch we heard a guest lecture from a lawyer named Richard Stumbar, who fought to legalize gay marriage in New York around five years ago, and made it all the way to the Court of Appeals (sort of the Supreme Court for New York) before falling one vote short. He said he had worked on many human rights cases similar to that before as well, and it was interesting to see just how restricted such a “free” country can be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a pretty big fan of most of the things America does, I just think that all these restrictions show that there really is no true freedom, although I’ll save that topic for next week. In Mr. Stumbar’s lecture, he pointed out many of the contradictions the judicial system makes with itself, which made me think, is there any form of justice that doesn’t contradict itself at some point? I’m still pondering that myself, but now it’s time for my nap, I’ll write about Round 2 of Plato tomorrow!

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  1. Great last paragraph. Looking forward to more Plato!