Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Like Living in a Cave

While I was finishing my business memo, the non-Hotelies in Mary Donlon were either attending a fondue party or a "Create a Born This Way T-shirt" party. Today I was eating with a couple of new friends at dinner, and one of them asked me what program I was in. Upon hearing that I was a Hotelie, he immediately exclaimed, "Whoa! You're in the sunlight!"

Eating dinner before going to lab

Yes, we Hotelies live in caves.

It seems like all I think about lately either relates to what I'm learning or to missing home. Honestly, I enjoy it. I enjoy thinking about what I learn in class because I like what I learn in class. In a strange way, I like missing home because I know that when I get back to California, I will appreciate it that much more. I like being able to think about what I am thinking about, here, at Cornell University.

I must run along and perfect my business memo. Good night everybody!

PS I never posted a picture of my roommate. So here's one:

Me and my roommate Jacqueline

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