Thursday, June 30, 2011

Joe The Philosopher

I FINISHED MY FIRST PHILOSOPHY PAPER!!! Not the biggest deal in the world, since it's not going to be graded, but I am so happy about it! My first philosophical piece of literature has been written, and it's a page and a half of pure gold, haha. You can refer to me as Socrates if you'd like.

On that note, my day went pretty well. I woke up late so I didn't get breakfast, but I realized that I don't really eat breakfast at 8:00AM anyways. I'm usually not hungry until around 10:30AM, or 11:00AM, since that's when I usually wake up, so missing breakfast really isn't too big of a problem. It's really just extra sleep.

As for class, the lecture was actually really interesting. It was all about Plato and his views on society, and I felt really good about it because I understood everything before he lectured on it. I thought I would go in with one idea of what the text was about and come out with a completely different interpretation, but what he said matched up with my interpretation exactly.

The rest of the class was normal for the most part, and the rest of the day was layed back, besides writing the paper. Also, it's Vivi's birthday tomorrow! So we're going to have to do something nice for her. More on that tomorrow though, good night!

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