Thursday, June 30, 2011

Plato: Take One

Today was Professor Kramnick’s first lecture on Plato. I must say even thought I thought I would fall asleep for lack of sleep (having stayed up late reviewing my notes on Plato), the lecture was far to interesting and kept me from snoozing. It was interesting to hear someone want so ardently to quit the ways of democracy for the ways of hierarchy. To me democracy, and more so in the way it was asserted by the Greeks, seemed flawless to the extent of being truly run by the citizens. Yes I admit as a feminist it is annoying that women were not considered part of the citizen class that participated in the democracy, but I still feel like the Greeks had it down a little bit better than we did. I understand it may not make sense to choose or officials randomly and say here you go you are now president of the United States but I do believe that the way in which our democracy works doesn’t really hold true to the saying ‘for the people, by the people’, but that is my opinion.

I think it would only be appropriate to mention lunch really quickly to mention that today, Thursday or the 4th day of the week, I had a burrito. I have now have had 4 burritos for lunch, or a burrito for lunch everyday. I guess I shouldn’t say ‘a burrito’ because I truly just get the same one everyday and now the lady that makes the burritos knows me, so I don’t even have to tell her my order she just sees me and grabs the beans, rice, and cheese.

After lunch, as is custom on Tuesday and Thursday, we had a guest lecturer. Today the speaker was a lawyer from New York who had taking a gay marriage rights case all the way to the Court of Appeals, which is the highest court in New York. He unfortunately did not win his case, but was happy to say that now, five years after he lost, the New York legislation had gotten the job done for him. He touched on the difficulties he faced during his trial days, and about the other issues gay marriages brings to life for the courts too consider.

Off to the gym to de-stress myself, until tomorrow. Over and Out blog readers.

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  1. So Taylor, give us bit more detail on why the "only burritos" diet. Surely they have other stuff suitable for vegetarians - salad, fruit, etc. Six time zones away and your brother seems to have adopted a similar burrito-intensive diet notwithstanding all the good fish that is available here.