Thursday, June 30, 2011

Midnight Re-cap

The rigor of the Cornell Summer College experience has become routine.

Our CHESS business memo on expense strategy is due tomorrow, and I'm pretty much scrambling, since this will be 10% of our total grade. We have a pretty weighty presentation due Monday on our respective hotel companies; it's worth 20% of our grade. Thank you ILC events, because my wardrobe is now business formal-ready and all I have to worry about is the actual PowerPoint and oral presentation.

I never knew there were so many possible customization settings to format Word with, especially when creating one's own Word template. Word makes PowerPoint look boring, or maybe that's because I haven't yet discovered all the latter has to offer. That certainly was the case before this class revealed to me the technical side of Word. There is so much you think you know about something, but once you come to a place like Cornell, you realize that there's more yet to be unveiled and that the world has so much more to offer.

If you'll excuse me, we have to get down to the basement to ambush Vivi, the birthday girl, for a midnight laundry room celebration. When the fun and games are over, there's still a long night ahead.

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