Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ithaca at Last

After our 4 AM panic attack, we said farewell to Chicago and finally managed to board our flight out of the Windy City. For the last time we had our impromptu airplane breakfast. I knocked out shortly after.

Off the plane, we took an hour-long bus from Syracuse to Ithaca and took the opportunity to get to know the other passengers. I was surprised by the number of Californians we met attending Cornell Summer College, but there was also Thomas from cheese-capital Wisconsin, Emily from Utah, and Joshua from Puerto Rico.

We met even more people from all over after orientation, checking into Mary Donlon Hall, meeting roommates, eating in the dining hall, and having fun at the ice cream social. I’m the only one of the eight of us who was assigned a quad room. I have three roommates who all seem really nice, so I can’t wait to get to know them and see how that experience will turn out. The food selection at Purcell Hall is incredible, and I’m totally digging the raspberry sorbet.

The most distinctive part about being in Cornell is how beautifully and harmoniously the striking red-brick buildings complement the stunning natural greenery. Honestly, this is the best looking campus we’ve visited. The architecture looks timeless, like it would be distinctive and exquisite in any weather. I would love to see this place in snow.

Our professors, the McCarthys, seem really cool, and despite the merciless schedule, I look forward to the 10-hour class on Monday. The key to success in the Hotel Management course is “focus, physiology, and routine,” in the words of our professors. In light of that, I should probably go get some rest (a routine we have yet to establish), even though there is just so much to say.

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