Sunday, June 26, 2011

Last Day Of Freedom

To say the least, the course and all the work accompanying it are daunting- hence the title of this blog. I am slightly dreading starting classes tomorrow. However, I know that it is the whole purpose of this trip, and am truly relishing the opportunity to discover college life at this top-tier university.
Two friends of mine (one is my roomate) in my dorm room.

I got to sleep in today for the first time in almost a week! The sleep was much needed and appreciated. It worked out nicely that Sundays brunches are served, so I got to grab a bite to eat and practice my violin a bit before we went to the crash-course information session given by Janet Snoyer. It was quite informative, especially on the grounds of getting enough sleep, which is crucial to college students. Did you know about REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and how it occurs every 1 1/2 hours, so that you need like a minimum of 9 1/4 hours of sleep each night. That is the most important part of your sleep that affects your memory and when most dreams occur. I'm pretty sure I need to fix my sleep schedule. We even got a break to work on concentration by tossing up beach balls into the air that reminded me of a concert. One other activity that we did was to determine what kind of learner I am; it happens to be an Assimilator. I'm not sure if what she described accurately described me though.

Almost immediately after we had an activities fair. I signed up for intramural sports like soccer and flag football, as well as a trip on July 4th to Buttermilk National Park to go swimming! I got a free t-shirt as well. The most important activity I signed up for was going to see Harry Potter's movie premier. The other highlight of my day was getting a package in the mail from my mother.
A communal lounge in the lobby

Today was our last night attending a dinner with admissions directors from colleges. We also had the pleasure of the company of esteemed guests in the form of Mrs. Kronenberg and Mr. Ramsey. There were two admission directors, and one engineering student. They all gave valuable insight to Cornell, and we all asked many questions. I think one factor in us all being so inquisitive was because we were all experiencing Cornell ourselves, and seeing campus triggered questions about it. This whole program is so exciting! Now off to bed to get some rest before my first day of classes tomorrow.

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