Saturday, June 25, 2011

Big Red Rush

Our quaint dorm room
I woke up in a panic today, when I realized I had woke up only a few minutes before we were supposed to be downstairs ready to leave. I sprinted into the shower, threw on some clothes, and we were somehow able to board the plane on time. We went through Cincinnati and arrived at Syracuse at around 11:00 AM. From Syracuse we took a shuttle to Cornell, where we met a few other students attending Cornell Summer College. I had been nervous that we would be the only Californians and I would have to hear countless questions about surfing and meeting celebrities.
Luckily, out of the additional 6 students that boarded the bus, 3 happened to be from the East Bay, which put me in a great mood heading in to Ithaca. When we finally arrived at the “gorges” campus as so many t-shirts referred to it as, we headed over to our orientation at Bailey Hall. The orientation started off with the usual speeches, and didn’t really grab me at any point. However, once the dean took the stage, the whole audience perked up. The dean gave a great commencement speech that made me curious to see just how interesting Professor Kramnick would be. Professor Kramnick was able to exceed my already high expectations, and I greatly look forward to learning under a professor who has such a great passion for teaching.
After meeting with the professor, I finally met my roommate, and am excited to say that I have far and away the most interesting roommate, a rising senior from Jordan, named Sami. He is very interested in sports, which gives us one thing in common right off the bat. It was really nice getting to talk to him, although his perfect English made me feel bad about my lack of linguistic capabilities.
After meeting my roommate, it was time to meet even more people at the ice cream social. I am glad to say that I am already making connections Mr. Peter Lee had told me about at our dinner with the alumni, and look forward to meeting even more people.


  1. Wow Nick! A roomate from Jordan...I think the next 3 weeks will be very interesting for you, not only in the classroom, but outside sharing cultural nuggets with your roomie!

  2. Nicke,

    You old dog, you! You surf and know celebrities? You never let on.

    Tell us more about the East Bay kids you met. Where are they from?

    And sometime or another you're going to have to explain how--after you were offered an alarm clock--that you managed to oversleep. We even gave you tips about placement so you would have to get out of bed to turn it off.