Saturday, June 25, 2011

I’m Now Big Red

I have realized that with the ILC your day starts at odd hours of the morning. This morning we planned to meet downstairs in the lobby of our hotel (the Intercontinental Hotel) at 4:30A.M, however all of us students were dead tired. I know I heard my alarm going off and I remember turning it off and sadly I remember falling back asleep. Regardless of falling back to sleep, we all still made our flight to Ohio. To make up for the sleep I have lost having to wake up early, I fell asleep the entire ride to Ohio and then from Ohio to New York.

Once we landed in New York we boarded an “Ithaca” bus that would take us from the airport to the Cornell Campus. We were the first students to enter the bus and thus became the “Welcoming party” for everyone else who entered. We met a boy named Thomas from Wisconsin, three other girls from California, one girl from Utah, and a boy named Josh from Puerto Rico. I have a desire to go to Puerto Rico because I love Reggeaton and I love Spanish. The ride took a while and the conversation died as the ride continued due to everyone being tired. Once we finally got to the school everyone’s spirits were lifted.

After checking in which made me feel like an actually college student, we had to run off to Bailey Hall for orientation. I can’t even explain to you readers how amazing the Dean’s speech was. He opened his speech with mentioning how in the “early days” introductions took hours and hours and how they weren’t really worth the length they had. As pointless as this may sound to you readers it hit home to me. He used his intro of intros to explain that being concise is a quality valued at the university; he explained that being able to get to the point and cut the extra stuff is a good skill to learn.

After the orientation Professor Kramnick and I shared an umbrella while we walked for Bailey Hall to a different lecture hall. I cannot honestly remember the name of the second hall we went to; however I can tell you that Professor Kramnick is an amazing and intelligent human being. Even though I was tired I couldn’t help but cling to his every word. I can’t wait for class to start on Monday. I am worried that I may not be prepared for the writing assignments this class will expect of me, but I know that I am not afraid to speak my opinions even in a class of people I do not know, but I do think that it might take me a minute to open up and be honest about my thoughts.

I would touch on the dorms but I think I need one more day to really take in the whole dorm experience. I haven’t really gotten to know my roommate yet and I plan on bounding with her more in the next coming days so there will be more on her later. I also (for those who knew in my middle school days) I was reunited with one of my best friends from Julia Morgan, Carrie Gershoff. I haven’t seen her since our 8th grade graduations.

Until tomorrow, over and out blog readers.


  1. Totally random that Carrie is attending Cornell for the summer as well!! Can't wait to read more about your impressions of the campus/roomie/class!!!

  2. I see from other ILCers blogs that there was some soccer playing going on...gotta believe that you were in that group!(?)